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Thanksgiving in Paris

I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving this year in Paris visiting my brother and his girlfriend in their Montmartre flat. I spent the week exploring, shopping and eating; What else?!I'd been to Paris once before and hit all of the major landmarks at that time, so I decided to keep things low key during this trip and really soak in the neighborhoods around where my brother lives. I spent one day sick on the couch and had rain for most of the week. Still, I was able to snap quite a few photos, which I've decided to share with you here! I've also included a brief list of my favorite eateries - you know I love food! As always, please send me a message if you have any questions about my trip. I love hearing from you!


Dinners & Lunch

Bouillon Pigalle

La bascule (rue Durantin)

L'étoile de Montmartre


Le petit Cambodge


Chez Prune

Monsieur Antoine

Bakeries (and what I loved there)

La Bossue - coffee and amazing photo ops

Alexine - daily baguette, and almond tarts

Gontran Cherrier - pains au chocolat

Le Coquelicot - beignets




Palace of Versailles

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