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Hi, I'm Suzanne!

I'm a commercial and editorial Photo and Video Stylist based in Amesbury, MA which is conveniently located between Boston and Portland ME.

My industry experience began in 2015 by being signed at a representative agency in Boston. Soon after, in early 2016, I was hired as the in-house stylist for Stonewall Kitchen Family of Brands. I worked there exclusively until mid 2019 when I chose to become a freelance stylist. As I enter my 8th year in the industry and 4th year of working for myself, I'm thankful to collaborate with amazing teams across a variety of brands. I’m passionate about my work and value the ability to be creative on a daily basis either by showcasing my own stylistic choices or by bringing the ideas and preferences of the brands I work with to life.

I have also curated and executed multiple workshops and networking events to promote the idea of community over competition within our industry.

My clients invite me to work throughout New England, most frequently in MA, RI, NH and ME. I'm also available for wider travel and hold both a European and U.S. passport.

For an overview of ways to work with me, including styling, speaking at events, and content creation, click here

In my spare time, I enjoy sailing, cooking, walks in the woods or by the ocean, traveling, crafting, thrifting, and spending time with my dog.

Want to know more? Email Suzanne.

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