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“The Makers and Gatherers Workshop opened my eyes in so many ways. I discovered a career path that I am truly passionate about, learned the fundamentals that I needed to start my journey and discovered a community of creatives that support, encourage and inspire one another. It was truly worth every penny and I would go back in a heartbeat!”

-Reagan B.



“Opportunities like this [workshop] are often hard for me to partake in and without your kindness I don’t think that I’d be feeling as inspired to move forward with my interests and aspirations as I feel today. 

I truly do feel as though I walked away from your retreat with creative ideas spilling at the seams. I hold a better understanding of photo styling through your demos, social media with our roundtable discussion, and our one-on-one meetings.”

-Jessica B.


“What was the most valuable lesson you learned at the Autumn retreat?

The biggest one [lesson] was that you don't have to be a 'type' of person to do something like go on a retreat. All you have to be is a person willing to learn and grow. I honestly couldn't have been more happy with the workshop and wouldn't change a thing. You did a great thing Suzanne; I really feel that I'm part of a community from this event. The sense of community and learning [was most valuable]. I felt like I learned, made connections and also friends, and it was fantastic.”

-Alyx W.


“Being able to be open and connect with strangers who share similar interests as well as learn more about food/prop styling and writing [was most valuable]. I hope you'll do more [workshops] in the future! It's such a great thing to get creatives all together!”

-Jenn B.

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