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S E R V I C E S   O F F E R E D


Commercial Styling


Consumer products, food, lifestyle.

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Interior Styling


Hotels, Restaurants, Homes


Creative Concepting

Deciding the type of imagery you need, creating shot lists, mood boards, etc. 

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Video Styling

From TV commercials, to recipe videos, to youtube channels, I've got you covered.


Ecommerce Styling

For online product listings, websites, etc.


Prop Sourcing & Curating

An essential part of every shoot. Also available for shop and drops.

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Editorial Styling


For magazines, print ads, newspapers, catalogs.

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Styling for Packaging

Eye catching imagery for Packaged Goods 


Content Creation

Send me your products for me to style and photograph myself

What I Do

As a Photo and Video Stylist, I work with brands in a variety of ways throughout all stages of production,  from early creative discussions and planning, to executing ideas on shoot day, all the way through to wrapping a project in the days following production. On set during shoot day, I could be building and styling tabletop product and food scenes, creating large scale sets, or optimizing existing spaces to be camera-ready. Needs vary depending on the shoot, and that's something that I love about my work! Under the umbrella of Photo Stylist, I'm primarily a Prop Stylist but I also work with food on a regular basis and can be hired for "light" food styling.


The value of hiring a Prop Stylist reaches far beyond sourcing and curating props, and is most evident on shoot day; The flow of the day varies based on the type of styling I'm hired for (see examples below), but typically the day starts with loading in bags and bins full of props. I bring plenty of options that fit the various looks we've planned during pre-production.  If it hasn't been done by an Art Director during pre-pro, I collaborate with the photographer to establish the best angles and crops for the final use of the images.  Next, I get to work creating the scene either by using my own creativity or following a client's requests and guidelines. It's amazing how details can be planned ahead of time but sometimes just don't work on set, and it's my job to bring solutions during those moments. As the photographer captures test images and tweaks lighting, I jump in, make adjustments and tiny changes that may seem minimal in the moment, but vastly improve the final image. These moments are when hiring a professional with an experienced eye makes a big impact compared to the time involved in trial and error without a Stylist. As a team, we land at a place where styling, lighting, focus, etc. are just right and when the client is happy, we get approval and continue through the shot list! 

If you're looking to drive sales by elevating your brand imagery, let's talk about working together!  Send me an email today!

Working With the Best Clients and Partners



BJ's Wholesale


TRULY Hard Seltzer

Hannaford Supermarkets

Roche Bros Supermarkets






Twisted Tea



Butcher Box

The Boston Globe

Northshore Magazine

DownEast Magazine

Culture Magazine

Maine Homes Magazine

Tea Forte

Vermont Lottery

Vermont Smoke & Cure

Merck Pharmaceuticals



Tufts University

Intercontinental Hotels

Stonewall Kitchen Family of Brands

& many more!

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