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Creative Professionals Brunch

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

The Creative Professionals Brunch was a success! For the first time in weeks, we actually had sunshine and warmth! I could not have asked for a more ideal day to meet and mingle with peers from all over New England. We had just under 20 guests, some of whom I had met previously, most of which were new faces. Our group consisted of Bloggers, Recipe Developers, Prop Stylists, Photographers, Food Stylists, and Cookbook Authors.

Photo by Kim Gallagher

There is always something so energizing about having a group of like-minded individuals in a room, particularly Creatives. What I loved about this group was their supportive, collaborative mentality. Nobody acted like a diva, no one seemed intimidated by competition, in what, (let’s be honest), can be quite a competitive field of work. There was a free flow of ideas, possibilities for future projects, exchanging of contact information, and general discussion about the industry. It was such a delight to see new friendships being made along with professional connections.

As anticipated, the potluck dishes were outstanding. We did not communicate about who was bringing what, but ended up with a perfectly balanced spread. From Strata to Quinoa Salad, Muhamarra dip, and Cakes topped with cardamom cream, rose petals & pistachio, we felt truly decadent.

Photo by Ellen Callaway

Strawberry rhubarb bellinis and blood mary’s were in abundance, but this group really behaved and sipped lightly - impressive!

Photo by Jenn Bakos

I hosted the brunch at Heaven on Earth Cooking Studio in Boxford, Ma. and could not have asked for a better partner for this event than owner, Lila Haynes. Not only is her kitchen to-die-for, she is talented, welcoming and willing to collaborate. Lila prepared multiple dishes, contributed to the swag bags, and more than split the clean-up with me, on top of generously opening her studio space to us! I had never met Lila prior to this collaboration, but we had such an enjoyable time planning and hosting, that we are hoping to do another event together in the future!

Photo by Ellen Callaway

A very special thank you to our partners who donated product for this event! King's Row Coffee kept the caffeine flowing and even brought bags of beans to share! Stonewall Kitchen provided our Bloody Mary mixers, as well as mini Wild Maine Blueberry Jams for each attendee. Whole Foods Market of the North Shore was kind enough to brighten our event with an abundance of flowers! Thank you, thank you!

For Info about how I came up with the idea for this event, click here!

Would you like to collaborate? Contact me.

Check out our Instagram hashtag for more images of the Creative Professionals Brunch.

* Photos on this page are by me, Suzanne Lee, unless otherwise stated below the image *

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