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The Inn on Winter's Hill

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Last week I had the chance to visit Kingfield, Maine and stay at the Inn on Winter's Hill for two nights. I worked with the owner John to create content for the Inn, and was also able to spend some time visiting the area and nearby Sugarloaf ski mountain.

The style of the Inn is an eclectic mix of historic antiques and New England charm, with a variety of vintage skis and snowshoes adorning the walls, subtle taxidermy animals peeking their way into the scene, and other oddities decorating the common area.

The common area is also the setting for the Inn's restaurant - guests and locals gather to share bites from the on-trend menu options. I tried the cold-smoked ricotta served with lava sea salt tortilla chips and the butternut squash and pumpkin ravioli in sage brown butter. Both were delicious! They're also known for their craft cocktails; Their specialities are recipes involving homemade shrubs. My favorite was a rosemary and rhubarb shrub and gin concoction.

The plush leather couches, fireplace, and abundance of games make the Inn on Winter's Hill an easy place to spend an entire evening.

The guest rooms include 4 historic rooms in the original part of the home, and 20 additional rooms in the converted barn, which is now attached to the home via the common area.

Beyond the guest rooms and common area, there is plenty of additional space to relax and enjoy your time at the Inn, including an upstairs reading nook, and formal living rooms downstairs.

The Inn had a really cool vibe with quirkier touches than I was expecting - I really enjoyed poking around and browsing the books, vintage pamphlets, and art covered walls. As a collector of vintage oddities, I felt right at home.

Kingfield, Maine is more than 3 hours away from my home, but the drive was well-worth exploring a new area and enjoying the comforts that John has created at his Inn. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by the new Orchard Girls Cidery, and don't miss the historic Wire Bridge on your way in or out of town. Thank you to John for a lovely stay at the Inn on Winter's Hill!

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