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6 Must See spots in Nice, France

In June I spent a few warm days exploring the city of Nice, France along the Côte d'Azur. I'd been to Nice once before during a solo backpacking trip to Europe after college. I only spent two days there previously, so it was really lovely to return with a little longer to explore. This time I was accompanied by my Mom and Brother. We all live in different countries, so seeing each other is a rarity to begin with, but traveling together to a country that none of us reside in is even more unusual. We made a great travel team as I already knew the layout of the City and they both speak some French. I found us a lovely little airbnb within walking distance to everything, and we squeezed as much into our four days as we possibly could. Here are my 6 recommendations for things you must see and do while visiting Nice...

1. Walk the Promenade de Anglais

We took our time meandering along the Promenade which follows the Mediterranean Sea from the Old City to the Port. I loved the people watching and capturing this couple intertwined for a midday nap on the rocky beach below.

2. Eat ALL the food

Nice is close to Italy, so there's a great blend of cuisine from both countries. I'm pretty sure drinking rosé should be mandatory when in Provence. Just saying.

3. Eat at Le Plongeoir Restaurant

I had researched Le Plongeoir prior to our trip and couldn't wait to dine at such a unique location. We made reservations weeks in advance whether necessary or not, to ensure we didn't miss out on the views. I was worried it would be a very touristy spot, but I think we might have been the only tourists there for lunch - Fantastic! We walked all the way from the Old City, which was beautiful, but long. I'd recommend getting a taxi if you're heading there on a warm day. I loved every minute at this spot, and the food was fantastic. If you're ever in Nice, go here!

4. Shop at Le Cours Saleya

This large open air market is not to be missed. You'll find everything from fresh flowers and succulents, to produce, seafood, and touristy gifts.