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Interior Design at Ballilogue, Ireland

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

At the beginning of the Summer I went to visit my Mom in Ireland, and high on our list was a trip to visit Ballilogue. I'd found the location through Irish bloggers, and even from photos I was enamored with the blend of contemporary and traditional architecture. I was able to set up a tour with Patrick from the Creative Team and couldn't wait to experience it in person.

Ballilogue is a series of stone hamlet buildings that are available to rent - the earliest of which dates back to the 1700s. The property is tucked away down a gravel road in the countryside of County Kilkenny, close to the town of Inistioge. Mom and I enjoyed the scenic drive from Dublin, playing tourist and stopping to take photos of cows and castle ruins. Upon arrival, Patrick was there to greet us with a smile.

The property consists of three homes which can be rented separately or as a group, accommodating 22 people total. Each home boasts traditional architectural accents of exposed stone walls while tastefully incorporating modern trends of clean lines, bright whites, and plenty of natural light. The rooms are outfitted with artisanal Celtic goods, from textiles to artwork. Ballilogue is a stunning example of how to blend traditional crafts and decor into current styling trends, giving homage to it's Irish heritage.

Ballilogue is a perfect location for one of my styling and photography workshops, and I found myself daydreaming of what I'd plan as I walked through each room. The property has plenty of outdoor space, a vegetable garden, and rooftop terraces. The old dairy building is central to the grounds and provides the perfect setting for group activities. With it's open concept, the dairy is ideal for shared meals, yoga, or photography sessions. I'm considering this as a 2019 workshop location (let me know what you think).

All three houses are of the same taste, but maintain unique features. The main building, Ballilogue House, dates to 1824 and is the largest rental option with 5 double bedrooms and 4 baths. This building holds my favorite area of the entire property - the rooftop glass atrium with accompanying decks.

Ballilogue Lodge is second largest, holding 8 people in 4 double bedrooms with 4 baths. This home had my favorite piece of furniture on the property - a gorgeous, oversized rustic farm table. I was also quite fond of the large sliding glass panels in the living space, allowing the interior to blend with the adjacent manicured patio.

Ballilogue Barn is the smallest of the three homes, but is every bit as charming as the others. It has just one bath and 2 double beds, with a galley kitchen. Vaulted ceilings help the space feel grand, and it's decor is equally as impressive as the rest of the property.

Not to be missed is the museum-like home of Mrs. Meaney, a previous owner of the property. Her 1700s cottage has been thoughtfully maintained, with piles of turf still by the fire, vintage kitchenware on display, and a box of knitting essentials sat upon a chair, as if it could be taken up at any moment. This feature tells so much about the current owners of Ballilogue, Mark and Ann, and their appreciation for history and respect for what has come before them on these grounds. As a true history nerd, this was an absolute highlight for me. With dim, authentic lighting, I didn't capture as many images as I'd wished of this space, but perhaps you will take a trip to Ballilogue and see it for yourself one day!

In terms of a rental venue, one couldn't ask for more than Ballilogue. It is secluded, meticulously maintained, and full of charm. A wide range of services are also available to help you enjoy your stay, including catering, transportation, grocery delivery, and a variety of tours. Ann and Mark will even help arrange for traditional music and storytelling. Also not to be missed is the Ballilogue shop, which is a true nod to the Irish makers. The small space is filled with all of my favorite types of things - handmade textiles, baskets, and ceramics. I couldn't help but bring home some lovely pieces of Irish pottery.

A huge thanks to Patrick and Ann who ended our visit with a lovely chat over a cup of coffee in the old dairy. I hope to return one day with a band of creatives, ready to enjoy all Ballilogue has to offer!

Photography and writing by Suzanne Lee.

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