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Makers I know, making it happen

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

I have endless respect for people who have a craft or skill that they've honed in on, are truly passionate about, and build their life around creating. I'm fortunate to be surrounded by many Creatives in my life, but there are a specific few I have met who are really making it happen and inspire me with their dedication to their self-built brands. I've created a list of people I actually know - some are distant friends, while others are close knit. I'm happy to introduce you to their craft, how I know them, and what I love about their work.

Barracuda Moon Jewelry


My connection: Sydney Pope just so happens to be one of my very best friends. We met during the first week of college in Charleston, SC in a Spanish class that was full of upperclassmen (we had both tested out of multiple courses - woohoo) and we become fast freshman friends. I'm also close friends with her amazing husband, and seeing the two of them marry on the beach last year melted my heart.

Why I love it: Sydney truly embodies the brand of her stunning and delicate jewelry line - she's a precious, kind, dainty yet strong woman. I'm so proud to see her chasing her dreams and creating such beauty. What's even better? A portion of ALL sales are donated to the Polaris Project, a charity devoted to ending human trafficking.


Seacoast Sweets


My connection: Kirstyn Pearl and I went to high school together and we also babysat the same family (that is serious, exclusive business in high school, in case you didn't know). We reconnected about 3 years ago when I moved home from South Carolina and we've been enjoying hanging and brainstorming ever since.

Why I love it: Seacoast Sweets is a an amazing success story. Kirstyn had a big-time job in Boston and was running the sweets company as a side gig until it got so big that she decided to go at it full-time. She's done such a beautiful job with her branding, and the chocolate patties are (obviously) delicious! The peanut butter ones are my favorite. I love the clean white look of her Instagram that maintains such a New England essence. And GUESS WHAT, Seacoast Sweets donates $1.00 of every box sold to charitable efforts, including Boston Medical Center and Special Olympics Massachusetts.




My connection: I don't know BJ Stadelman as much as I'd like to, but we first met during my senior year of college in Charleston, SC at our local hangout, the Upper Deck Tavern (R.I.P. - the bar, not BJ). We have a lot of mutual friends and I've always enjoyed his humor and exuberance.

Why I love it: As a veteran Plant Momma and Stylist, I just adore everything that BJ is doing. Beyond selling homemade planters and trendy, well-cared for plants out of an adorable PLANT TRUCK, BJ does an amazing job of building a lifestyle brand around his business. He's been blowing up in the press this year (was featured on Apartment Therapy), and has such a good eye for interiors. Yes, yes, yes!


Old Whaling Company


My connection: April Motley and I met in 2014 as extras on a movie set in Charleston, SC. She was displaying her goods in a fake Farmer's Market scene, and I was beside her with my stand of Vintage housewares. We got chatting, and I learned that she also had experience with reselling vintage items. I loved her creative spirit, and we stayed in touch when I moved back to Massachusetts just a few months later. April also attended my workshop in Maine last Summer. It was so great to see her again!

Why I love it: I guess I'm a sucker for anything coastal, but I love the name, logo (old and new), and branding of this entire line. I've had the pleasure of trying some of April's products, and I think they make such lovely gifts!