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The Pitcher Inn, Vermont

At the beginning of March I spent a weekend in the tiny town of Warren, Vermont enjoying the accommodations at The Pitcher Inn. The Inn had been on my radar for quite awhile, so I was excited to partner with them for a weekend getaway where I created content for their usage at both the Inn and the classic Vermont general store across the street, The Warren Store.

I arrived early on a Saturday to start photographing and make the most of the short winter daylight hours. While I worked, Justin enjoyed the nearby Sugarbush ski resort. He joined me at the Inn late that afternoon, with enough time to enjoy our room and explore the common areas before our dinner reservation.

We stayed in the Calvin Coolidge room, named for the Vermont-born President. The room was classy and patriotic, included a wood-burning fireplace, king-sized bed, jacuzzi tub and steam shower. We also had our own private porch overlooking Main Street!

Each room at The Pitcher Inn is uniquely decorated with impeccable taste in design and a nod to Vermont culture. Themed rooms include the ski lodge, the trout room, mallard room and stable suite, to name a few.

We enjoyed an amazing 3-course dinner in the dining room prepared by Chef Jacob Ennis. To start, Justin and I shared the wood-fired ratatouille, and scallops. I chose the short rib tortellini as my main dish, and Justin ordered the flank steak. Both were incredible. I enjoyed a craft cocktail which I can now say is one of my favorite drinks that I've tried recently. The "Lemon Waltz" is a delicate and refreshing mix of lemon vodka, lemon juice, coconut water, soda water, and lemon peel. I ended up ordering this on both of my nights at the Inn, and definitely recommend that you try it if you visit. To finish our meal, we shared a scoop of blackcurrant ice cream and the key lime tart. It was a relaxed, comfortable evening in the dining room with a roaring fire burning in the hearth just a few tables away from us.

Breakfast is included with your stay at the Pitcher Inn, and it's not to be missed even if you're itching to get to the mountains to ski. Justin and I were obsessed with the raspberry muffins which were unexpectedly brought to the table while we waited for our meal to arrive. I loved them so much that Courtney, the hotel manager, was able to share a rough recipe with me and I've already recreated it at home (twice)!

That Sunday, Justin and I spent some time skiing at Mad River Glen (my first time out since my learn-to-ski at Sunday River in January). He had to head home afterwards, but I spent the rest of the day and the second night enjoying a little solo retreat. Sunday night I ordered dinner from Tracks, the restaurant downstairs from the dining room where we ate the night before. I brought my food back to the room and watched Harry Potter by the fire. Heaven? I thought so. The next day I worked with the Warren Store to capture their homemade food and baked goods, as well as their boutique store.

The hospitality at The Pitcher Inn is unrivaled to anything I've experienced lately. The staff was always willing to come by and re-light my bedroom fireplace, re-stock bottled water and fresh towels, deliver bedtime poems and craft chocolate, or recommend places to visit in the area. My stay here was truly one of my favorite weekends spent in New England this year. Everything was so cozy and well put together that I was really able to unwind and enjoy, despite being there for both work and pleasure. The 3 hour drive from the Massachusetts coast is well worth it to access such quaint pleasantries. I hope you'll visit The Pitcher Inn, and if you do, let me know how you liked it!

Thank you to Tim, Courtney, and the entire team at The Pitcher Inn, as well as Jack at the Warren Store, for such a positive experience!

*All thoughts expressed here are my own. This is not a sponsored post, but was written in collaboration for a work trade.*

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